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The Law Office of Frederic R. Abramson is a boutique business law firm that focuses on providing personalized, cost-effective and experienced business contract, transaction and litigation services to clients throughout New York.

We only focus on providing services to small and mid-sized businesses. Many of our clients have stayed with us for decades, calling us their “first and only choice” for outside business counsel.

Whether you are considering forming a business, require contracts to manage your business, having issues with your suppliers, facing a breach of contract lawsuit or are ready to dissolve your business, we are here to guide you.  Contact us online or call 212-233-0666.

Flat Fee for Business or Professional Corporation Formation

To give you an idea of what is included in the flat fee rate for the professional corporation formation, we provide the following:

  1. Prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation;
  2. Obtain the Employer Identification Number;
  3. Prepare Bylaws that include information and details specifically related to the company and its members;
  4. Prepare Organizational Minutes (First Meeting Minutes)  that include information and details specifically related to the company and its shareholders, directors, and officers;
  5. Prepare Stock Ledger;
  6. Prepare Stock Certificates and;
  7. Prepare and file S-Corporation Election.

The filing fees associated with these filings are in excess of the flat fee charge.  As well, the flat fee rate includes our discussions about the best type of formation for your business and allows us to answer your questions without charging our hourly rates.

If you choose to prepare these documents yourself we would recommend that we at least prepare the professional corporation bylaws [or the operating agreement for the LLC] at a minimum.  This would mean paying us hourly. Doing that usually results in very small savings and no assurance everything will be done correctly.

Our flat fees are definitely the most economical way to go. Larger firms in town may charge twice what we do for the same work.  There is peace of mind knowing that lawyers and paralegals with decades of experience in your field of business will be preparing your documents and advising you both legally and practically as you launch your business.

I hope we get the opportunity to represent you.

Choosing an Entity and Drafting Key Agreements

The formation of a business entity is the first step toward determining how the business will be managed and controlled, as well as the relationship between it and its owners and investors.

Our experienced business law attorneys can help you explore your options and choose an appropriate New York business entity to meet your goals, including

  • Corporations (subdivided into C and S corporations)
  • Limited liability companies (LLC)
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLP)
  • Professional corporations 
  • Nonprofit entities and 501(c)(3)
  • General and limited partnerships

Business formation is not, however, just about choosing an entity and registering with the secretary of state. Many entities require the drafting of articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreements, and other documents that can have a significant impact going forward.

In addition to these formation documents, we assist new businesses with the drafting of important business contracts, including employment agreements and purchase and sale agreements. 

Making Sure Joint Venturers Are Personally Protected

If you are getting involved in a joint venture, it is particularly important to take steps to protect your personal assets and decide how the business or investments will be managed.

Our attorneys can counsel you on how best to pursue your personal goals through appropriate business entity selection and the drafting and negotiation of agreements between co-owners or investors, such as buy-sell or shareholder agreements.

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