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New York EBT's- What You Can Expect From Examinations Before Trial


Usually an attorney or a calendar clerk will contact my office the day before an Examination Before Trial  (EBT) to book our services. I will then ask for a copy of the bill of particulars, a police report (if a motor vehicle accident, a copy of the medical records, along with any other important information that you think is important.  

Most EBT's start at either 10 am or 2 pm. If your client needs prep, I ask that your client appear an hour before the deposition. Even if we don't believe that we would need all of that time to prep, many clients arrive tardy. 

I ask that you make sure that your client is dressed professionally. As I'm sure you are aware, opposing counsel will judge your client's appearance.

Throughout the deposition I will be taking notes on my laptop, while paying attention when to object to questions of form. There are times that a client become rattled. If there is no pending question, I will not hesitate to take a quick break to help the client focus. 

After the deposition is completed, I will speak to the client and let them know what the next steps. I will alert them that they will have an opportunity to review the transcript and make changes if necessary.

Finally, I will write a complete report within 24 hours, attaching all exhibits and notifying you of any further action. 

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