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Estate Planning

You understand that you need an estate plan. But like many of your friends, you've been procrastinating because estate planning is unpleasant to think about. I am here to help. I will tell you everything that you need to consider when setting up your estate.  I will prepare all of your estate documents for you, which include at least a will, health care proxy, living trust, and a durable power of attorney. The sooner you get your estate plan completed, the quicker you will feel certain that the people you love will be provided for.

Every family has unique circumstances.  Whether you have a blended or non-traditional family or have family members that are estranged, with special needs, or struggling with health problems, a customized legal life plan designed specifically to suit your family's unique's needs can navigate these circumstances to your exact preferences bringing you and your family protection, security and peace of mind.  

A comprehensive legal life plan will include the following documents:

  • Will or Trust
  • Durable Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directive 
  • Guardianship Documentation, for minor children
  • Communication to Heirs/Beneficiaries/Guardians

In addition to financial wealth, our Life and Legacy Planning also encompasses drafting an Ethical Will for your far more valuable intellectual, heart, and human assets – who you are and what you care about, including your values, insights, stories and wisdom.

Estate planning is simply the process of disposing of all of your assets after you die.  Who needs to think about it?

  • If you have children under 18;
  • If you own property;
  • If you want to maintain control of your health care and financial decisions

Once you begin your estate planning, you will understand:

  • Why you need a will;
  • The advantages of having a living trust;
  • The probate process and why you want to steer clear of it;
  • How to protect and provide for your children;
  • Why you probably don't have to worry about estate taxes;
  • Why you need a retirement plan.

Take the next step and contact us online or at 212-233-0666 to set up either a virtual consultation from the privacy of your home or at my office. From there, you will be provided with access to a secure client portal where we can guarantee protecting lawyer-client confidentiality. Through the secure portal, you can review documents that I have prepared for you, upload a document for my review, and communicate with me quickly and easily. 

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