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Managing a New York Business Contract Dispute

Even before COVID, the Courts of New York are quite backlogged, and business litigation cases can take a year or more to get to court.  What is vital to managing a New York business contract dispute and how can you resolve it quickly and relatively?  As an experienced business litigation attorney we work to take a leveraged negotiation.  The vast majority of these cases can be resolved quickly and efficiently by our attorneys through a leveraged negotiation approach that preserves existing relationships while resolving underlying business contract disputes.

The source of leverage is the “damages” associated with the breach of contract or potential breach of a business contract. Business litigation cases cannot force one party to take an action or to actually fulfill a contract.  The financial impact of the failed agreement is measured in terms of the damages suffered by the victim of a breach of contract.  The extent of the damages often surprises those defending a breach of contract claim and this provides the leverage we need to get them to the negotiating table and craft a resolution that meets our client's goals.

A Thoughtful Approach to Litigation Success

A successful approach to litigation depends on keeping all of the above in mind at every stage of every case.

As you move through each step, from negotiation through litigation, there will be benefits and offsets to consider:

  1. Time; The time frame to resolution is important from many perspectives and is an important ingredient in any dispute resolution. In some cases, it is best to simply settle things and move forward, while in others the principle involved or the value of the dispute offsets any issue of “time.”  We work to conclude our cases quickly while achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.
  2. Control; Our ability to manage and directly control the outcome lessens in some ways at each stage. However, the facts of the case may require us to seek a venue that has much more stringent guidelines (arbitration) or laws, precedents, and rules of evidence (litigation) that provide a different form of “control,” and ensure that we will achieve a more substantial and thorough victory.  Communications help us to remain in lockstep with our clients throughout the process keeping them in control of each decision along the way.
  3. Cost; The cost of resolving a dispute is directly associated with the time required and the level of control. The greater the power of the venue (arbitration or Court), the greater the amount of time we must invest to ensure that our briefs, evidence, and filings are comprehensive and compelling.  Cost containment is a primary focus of any dispute resolution strategy.

The Law Office of Frederic R. Abramson believes that these decisions rest with the client, and our responsibility is to provide sound advice, insight, perspective, and counsel to our clients based upon extensive experience and expertise. We aggressively take appropriate action to pursue the goals and objectives of our clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome in their dispute or case.

Does this sound like the type of legal representation that you have been seeking?

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The Law Office of Frederic R. Abramson keeps our client's goals and objectives clearly in mind and works to keep costs under control while effectively taking action to resolve each dispute. Our client's value that each person who works on their case represents the greatest value and best expertise to accomplish the task at hand. Unlike most large or national law firms, we do not have layers of bureaucracy that must bill to the case and increase the amount of every invoice. We handle matters efficiently, cost-effectively, and with the experience and expertise gained from decades of service to businesses in New York City and Long Island.

There are times when the parties have a principled disagreement regarding some of the issues associated with a business contract dispute and mediation is a cost-efficient and timely alternative to litigation.  Mediation is not binding, and in some cases, the mediator is unable to completely resolve the issue at hand.  In those cases, many contracts call for arbitration.  The experienced business dispute attorneys at the Law Office of Frederic R. Abramson represent our clients in every aspect of managing a business contract dispute in New York providing our clients with a single-source legal team with proven experience and expertise.

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