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    As you know, the spread of coronavirus in New York City and Long Island has raised challenges for all New Yorkers, including our attorneys, our staff and the New York State Court System. With everyone’s cooperation we expect to get through this trying time.

    The Courts have restricted access to the court houses. As a result, trials and court appearances will be delayed and postponed. Accordingly, if you have been notified of an upcoming trial, deposition, mediation, arbitration, or other court appearance, it is likely that it will be adjourned. Other appearances outside of the courthouse may also be adjourned or postponed.



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  • Business Law

    The promise I’m making is that I will deliver a practical and thoughtful resolution to your corporate matter. I’ll be there every step of the way. I will make sure I understand all of your goals. I’ll ask good questions. I’ll challenge you when appropriate. I’ll aim to make the solution as simple as possible. I’ll be up front and transparent about how long a project will take and how much it will cost. I won’t hide the ball. I’ll make the complex understandable. My work product will be impeccable. I will be diligent in making sure that your project is seen through to completion. When I’m done, you will know that your lawyer cared about you and what you were trying to accomplish.

  • Civil Litigation

    Expertise. Acumen. 20 Years Experience. Results

Kerie Stone

As an attorney, I take my time to get to know other attorneys as I decide who to recommend for matters outside of my practice areas. I've known Mr. Abramson for almost 20 years. His advice has always been 100% on the money...

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Kevin Mulrooney

I contacted this firm to open an LLC with business associates. Mr. Abramson met with me and explained how I was loosing control of my business by doing so and directed me to form an S Corporation. Had he not done so...

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Jack Bookbinder

Mr. Abramson has been my personal representative for 17 years and time after time I have turned to him for important legal advice and action which has resulted in successful results in a timely fashion. From immigration...

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“Always Putting You First” 

Since 1997, I have provided legal and business services to entrepreneurs, law firms, startups, small businesses and individual clients.

My clients have told me unequivocally that they do not want me to change. My community requires a wide range of legal services and there are no obvious competitors to what I offer; I'm an acknowledged specialist in business law, all types of civil litigation and real estate law, and, although small, I'm as expert as anyone; my clients come to me because I'm their adviser and friend for life; because I'm smaller, I can offer a higher quality of service at significantly lower cost than any other legal businesses; clients come to me because they are prepared to pay extra for a high touch, face-to-face service.

Generally, when you go looking for an attorney you have one legal issue, like you have been sued, or you need a contract to be drafted or you are looking to start a business. You hire a law firm, your contract is drafted or law suit is resolved, you pay a legal fee and you never speak to your lawyer ever again.

Why would you ever want to speak to your lawyer again anyway? After all, your attorney is billing by the hour. Your business lawyer should be a counselor, not just someone who drafts documents. I'm always thinking of you first. 

My Firm Helps You Prepare for You for Growth and Success

In my world, success is when you further your  interests. It's as simple as that.

Most lawyers are in the business of billing you as much as possible. They use the same documents over and over again and don't care about how unique your business is.  The one size fits all approach can hurt your business in the long run. 

Some lawyers view litigation as a billing bonanza and don't care about the toll it takes on you and your business. Most law firms place their financial interests above their clients. 

My firm is the right firm for you if you want an attorney who:

  • Is an expert in the civil litigation process and knows New York, Kings, Queens, Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk Supreme Courts cold. My firm appears in court in every county on a weekly basis. I know how each part works which I will use to your advantage; 
  • Will get the right agreements in place with your partners, team members, vendors, investors, partners and others thinking of your bests interests every step of the way, with an eye to avoiding litigation;
  • Will help you or your loved one if you have been involved in an accident;
  • Will help the sale or purchase of your new home.

My clients are clients for life. Be prepared for an ongoing relationship where I will work you forever. It's my mission to improve your life. 

How I'm Different

  • I am open and honest about billing. In twenty years, I have never been involved in a fee dispute. I work my best to offer fixed fees in advance, even for litigation cases. That way, you will have a firm understanding of how much your case will cost from the very start.
  • I commit to follow up with you regularly, even if there is nothing actively happening with any of your matters. I am proactive and I will check in with you on a regular basis so we can put our legal minds to work to help you grow your business, helping you take the best-calculated risks so you can receive the biggest rewards.  We don't just prepare a set of legal documents for you and send you on your way until something happens.
  • I'm a tech geek and I use cutting edge technology to keep you abreast of your case. 
  • I'm able to personally answer your questions and to make the legal process incredibly easy and painless for you and your business. I strive to return all calls within two hours. You never have to worry about unreturned emails, phone calls or endless games of phone tag.

Winner of the New York Law Journal best Per Diem litigation law firm as voted by lawyers. 

20 Years of Experience

We have successfully represented a range of New York companies, from tech startups to executive search firms, along with many people. I have lectured about business law for many different groups, including continuing legal education classes for lawyers. Take the first step. Contact our office to get your New York business law and civil litigation questions answered by an experienced lawyer with a deep understanding of the problems you're facing.

Schedule a Consultation

When you're ready to take the next step you can begin the process online. If you'd like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in my office you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 212-233-0666.