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New York School Accident Lawyer

Students get injured at school all the time. Often injuries occur by accident and the school has a duty to mitigate the risk of accidents occurring.

We expect our schools to provide a safe environment and suitable adult supervision. Nonetheless, your child may have suffered serious injuries because of the negligence of the schools. When that happens, parents may be able to bring a personal injury claim on behalf of their child. 

I'm a parent of two school-aged children. I have personally received the call from the school nurse explaining to me that I need to rush over to the school because my daughter fractured her arm on the playground. Remember the school has a duty to keep our children safe and can be held legally responsible if they do not.


There are three primary ways in which injuries occur in a school or on the playground:

  1. Negligence on the part of school staff or maintenance crews, creating unsafe property conditions in the school or on the playground. The school has a duty to make sure that there are no tripping hazards. Generally, the blacktop needs to be free of cracks or holes.
  2. Negligent supervision/negligent security on the part of teachers, other staff, or school bus drivers that fail to keep children safe from student-on-student assault or from strangers entering the school grounds and harming a child, or failing to notice a child suffering a serious medical problem
  3. Defective products causing injury to children

Not every type of injury to a child is appropriate for a personal injury claim.  Call me and I will speak with you to learn about the circumstances of the injury and give you an initial assessment. If we believe you may have a case, I will conduct an in-depth investigation, keeping you informed of all findings.

School and playground injuries that have resulted in successful claims include:

  • Failing to fix broken playground equipment or school equipment
  • Failing to have staff members in the lunchroom or on the playground to break up fights or to respond to injuries or emergencies
  • Failing to secure the school from unauthorized people entering the building or schoolyard
  • Failing to take action when there have been reports of bullying or assaults on a school bus
  • Failing to identify unsafe conditions or medical problems during sports practice
  • Security failures leading to sexual assault of a student by another student, a staff member, or adults on school property

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