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Tucked away on a peninsula along Nassau County's North Shore is a beautiful small waterfront town known as Port Washington.  I have been a resident of Port Washington for over 15 years. It's a great place to raise your family. As a resident of Port Washington, I will come to your home for a free consultation if you have been injured in a car accident. 

With rolling hills and a coastline in the northwest corner of Nassau County, Port Washington has many marinas, yacht clubs, and golf courses. Just 17 miles from New York City, Port Washington is a quiet town with civic pride and gorgeous views of Manhasset Bay, the Manhattan skyline to the West, and the Long Island Sound to the North. Main street is known for antique shops, spas, small boutiques, art galleries, book stores, and a variety of other shops.

The Great Neck peninsula is across Manhasset Bay to the west; Manhasset and Plandome are to the south; Roslyn lies southeast. Besides an unincorporated area of the Town of North Hempstead, Port Washington is home to four incorporated villages: Baxter Estates, Manorhaven, Port Washington North, and Sands Point, plus part of the village of Flower Hill.

Main Street's business and restaurant district-runs down to Manhasset Bay from the post office on Port Washington Boulevard.


Most common roadways where accidents occur

  1. Port Washington Blvd, otherwise known as New York State Route 101 (NY 101) is a 3.58-mile (5.76 km) long state highway in northwestern Nassau County, New York, in the United States. It runs north-south as Port Washington Boulevard from NY 25A in Flower Hill, west of Roslyn and north of Manhasset, to Astor Lane in Sands Point. It continues south along Searingtown Road to Shelter Rock Road (County Route 8 or CR 8) and north on Middle Neck Road to a dead-end at Long Island Sound as the unsigned County Route 101.
  2. Main Street, Port Washington. Main Street's business and restaurant district runs down to Manhasset Bay from the post office on Port Washington Boulevard. 
  3. Plandome Road. Plandome Road runs South to North from Manhasset. It is a two-way roadway with one lane of moving traffic in each direction. It is the main entryway into Port Washington from Manhasset and Plandome.

Most common car accidents in Port Washington

  1. Rear-End Collisions on Port Washington Boulevard.  Port Washington Boulevard gets lots of traffic, especially when schools open and close. Drivers tend to follow too close to the vehicle in front of them, causing car wrecks. 
  2. Intersection Accidents turning on Main Street from Port Washington Boulevard. Due to the length of the light on Port Washington Blvd. and Main Street, drivers try to "beat' the light by turning when the light is yellow, causing vehicles heading straight on Port Washington Blvd. to come into contact with them.
  3. Pedestrian knockdowns on Main Street. Main Street in Port Washington can be congested with pedestrians, especially teenagers walking in groups after school. There is a pedestrian walkway on Main Street that many drivers fail to stop, causing accidents.
  4. Speeding on Plandome Road. Plandome Road is a beautiful roadway with lots of curves. The driver often drives too fast through the windy curves, causing accidents.

Where to seek medical treatment for your injuries due to a car accident in Port Washington.


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