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Small Busi­ness Gen­eral Coun­sel Plan

Are you sur­prised by all the paper­work and details involved in get­ting a new small busi­ness up and run­ning? It's incred­i­ble, isn't it?  There are many deci­sions you have to make, expenses that never stop, and every time you think you've got a han­dle on things, some­thing else pops up.

I've got news for you: It doesn't get any eas­ier.  If you are a vet­eran busi­ness owner you know that there will be more paper­work, more details, more decisions.

But guess what? It's worth it! I under­stand how excited you are about your busi­ness and you want to do every­thing for your busi­ness to succeed.

Your busi­ness can suc­ceed, you know.  I've observed many start-up com­pa­nies suc­ceed.  But only sometimes.

But, I have observed many busi­nesses go bank­rupt. Some within one month.

Even though they worked hard and had the best of inten­tions, many busi­ness own­ers lose every­thing.  It's ugly: tremen­dous debts, dreams and aspi­ra­tions dashed. Many have to return back to work for the job they hate so that they can pay off their debts.

What makes the dif­fer­ence?  Why do some busi­ness own­ers amass great wealth while oth­ers fail miserably?

As a lawyer, I am prob­a­bly not the one to tell you how to build a suc­cess­ful com­pany.  But as a busi­ness attor­ney who rep­re­sents peo­ple like you, I can tell you exactly how to make your busi­ness fail.

LITIGATION. Get­ting sued.. Many busi­ness own­ers go out of busi­ness because of  a large judg­ment against them that they can­not pay.  Or, they spend so much on legal fees, it wipes them out.

Want to know some­thing else?  It's amaz­ing, but in many cases these own­ers could have avoided the law­suit com­pletely, or pro­tected them­selves from per­sonal lia­bil­ity.  They could have survived!

All they had to do was get some legal advice. In advance.

Before they signed a lease or con­tract.  Before they took on a part­ner or hired an employee.  Before they made busi­ness deci­sions involv­ing seri­ous legal consequences.

Ten min­utes of legal advice may have pre­vented all that fail­ure, bank­ruptcy, mis­ery, and shame

But they don't get that advice, do they?  And we both know why.

The cost.

On top of all the other expenses of start­ing and run­ning a new busi­ness, there never seems to be enough left for legal fees.  After all, legal advice is expen­sive, right?

Not any­more.

The Law Office of Fred­eric R. Abram­son offers fee struc­tures that is more than bill­able hours.

There is a way for you to have the legal advice you need at a cost so low you would be a fool to turn it down.

Here is what it's all about:

My firm has just intro­duced what I call the “Small Busi­ness Gen­eral Coun­sel Plan.”  For a monthly retainer of only $400, you get up to two hours of free tele­phone con­sul­ta­tions and attor­ney legal doc­u­ment review every month.

You can ask all the ques­tions you want and get the money-saving, headache-avoiding answers you need. You can have me review and com­ment on con­tracts, leases, let­ters, forms and any­thing else you use in your busi­ness.  You'll know what's legal, what's fair, and what's not.  No sur­prises. No more doubts.

Do you real­ize what that means? It means you can sleep like a baby at night know­ing that your attor­ney is “on call.”  It means that you can get the answers that you need, when you need them, so you can quickly get back to run­ning your business.

It means never hav­ing to “blindly” sign any­thing that could cost you thou­sands of dol­lars more than you should have paid because you didn't have time to read the “fine print.”  It means never hav­ing to make uni­formed deci­sions that could get you sued for hun­dreds of thou­sands in damages.

It means incred­i­ble piece of mind for you and your family.

That alone must be worth more than $400 a month to you, yet that's all it costs.

Call me at 212–233-0666 to get started today or ask me any ques­tions about how the plan could help you achieve your goals.

I look for­ward speak­ing with you.

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