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New York Pro Hac Vice Local Counsel Services

The Law Office of Frederic R.  Abramson is often called upon by law firms that do not have New York State offices to serve as their local counsel in New York civil litigation.  We understand our function as local counsel and we will ensure the integrity of the primary attorney-client relationship.

With nearly 25 years of experience, I have expert knowledge of local court rules, including NYSCEF (New York's efiling system). I also have familiarity with New York judicial procedures and have relationships with the members of the local bar and judges. I'm experienced with issues regarding personal jurisdiction, service of process and can advise about any conflicts of law. 

Pro Hac Vice

As per the NEW YORK STATE UNIFIED COURT SYSTEM, lawyers admitted and in good standing in another state or territory of the US, or the District of Columbia, or in a foreign country, may be admitted pro hac vice at the discretion of any court of record in New York to participate in a matter in which the attorney is employed.  To participate in pre-trial or trial proceedings, pro hac vice candidates must be associated with an attorney who is a member in good standing of the New York bar, who shall be the attorney of record in the matter.  We will work with you to contact the chambers or clerk of the court of record to comply with court directives. 

To review the rules for pro hac vice admission (§520.11 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals) see: §520.11 - Admission Pro Hac Vice

To be admitted in New York State Court, you will need to provide to us a certificate of good standing from the bar in your state. We will draft the affirmation, affidavit, and the proposed order, which is all you will need to be admitted. We will file the motion papers with the court and will attend any court appearances if necessary. If the court requires it, we will forward any motion papers to our process servers. Be advised nearly all motions for pro hac vice are submitted without any need oral argument. 

When working with you after your law firm is admitted pro hac vice, our services may be limited to acting as attorney of record and advising your law firm on compliance with local rules.  Or, if your law firm has a need, I can assume a bigger role in the litigation while the client's home-state lawyer consults with and advises the client on strategic decisions. No matter what, I will make sure to communicate and coordinate with your office in a way that ensures efficient successful handling of the matter.

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