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The Labor Day Holiday: In Honor of Business, Work and Economic Strength

Posted by Frederic Abramson | Sep 03, 2020 | 0 Comments

Cheers!! But wait, before you go out celebrating Labor Day this year let's collectively take a moment to recall just what it is we are honoring.  Labor Day is a Federal holiday which is celebrated on the first Monday of September.  Why do we celebrate labor? Ingenuity? Business? 

On Labor Day we all celebrate this great nation's economic ingenuity and strength.  The day is dedicated to the achievements of workers and their contributions to our economy.  As a business owner, or entrepreneur surely you fully understand the value and meaning of celebrating labor, work, achievement, ingenuity and business.  This is likely what drives you and your passions.  I share this with you.  

Labor Day was celebrated for the first time on September 5, 1882 in NYC.  The movement gained momentum and the following decade President Grover Cleveland signed a law creating this Federal Holiday.  

So, after you recharge and get back to work after the holiday consider the following reasons why you, a business owner or entrepreneur would benefit from legal counsel.  

Here are the reasons:

1. You're starting a business.

Most businesses decide to start running their business before ever calling a lawyer for legal advice. Don't make the same mistake. Before you receive a penny, contact a lawyer to review your business structure, legal ramifications and other elements designed to protect your business and help it flourish.  Remember that a lawyer isn't someone you go to just when you have a trouble.

2. Check your contracts.

Make sure that any contracts that you have are in writing. Oral contracts often mean an unpleasant lawsuit later.  It is important for an attorney to review every contract you use in your business, both with customers as well as suppliers – or draw up suitable contracts if none are in place.

3. Check if any money is owed.

An attorney can help by devising a course of action to collect any funds.  In the alternative, if you owe any money a lawyer can often provide defenses and negotiate on your behalf.

4. Plan for your retirement.

You probably want your business to continue when your retire. A business attorney can address succession.

5. Resolve a business dispute.

Just hiring an attorney will signal that you mean business. Litigation could be expensive.  Hiring a lawyer early may help you avoid lengthy and costly court action.

Legal advice is smart because it insulates you from risk, just as any insurance policy does (think health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners' insurance, small business insurance, premises insurance).  It doesn't need to be prohibitively expensive, as perhaps you have feared. Some matters can be handled on as-needed basis and you may not need a large retainer.  

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